AC Marketech is Columbus, Ohio company owned 100% by Tacom founded in 1982. We are a boutique marketing firm focused on finding and placing products in the $30 billion arts, craft and hobby industry. We have 30-year track record of bringing dozens of product lines, hundreds of products, and over $750+ million in company and channel partner product sales to date.

Cap City Living LLC

Cap City Living LLC will be launching in the 4th Quarter of 2019. Cap City is a residential new construction builder focused on affordable and mid market residential single family homes, duplexes and quads. More information will follow here in early 2020.


ClimateRight is a Tacom Limited company that markets and distributes portable air conditioning, heating, air purification and related items to a wide range of niche consumer, retail, commercial, and OEMs for wide ranging applications. We are partnered with Midwest Equipment, a best in class operations and distribution company, and are rapidly growing distribution.


Tacom sourced and developed the Adam's line of U.S.-made quality wooden furniture products. In addition, Tacom sourced and developed hundreds of additional products made in China and the U.S. for the outdoor furniture industry. We built six unique niche retail ecommerce sites which were grown substantially from early stage and successfully sold in August 2009.